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 Asya Branch is a native of Booneville, MS and a proud former Miss Mississippi (America) and Miss Mississippi USA and Miss USA. Before she was named any of those titles, she was just a shy, creative little girl. She would often find herself in front of a mirror experimenting with all the kiddie makeup and hand me down makeup from her mother. She loved feeling glamorous and learning how to apply makeup. She always thought that makeup should be fun, but in today's society there is so much pressure surrounding the idea of perfection and creating it. Asya loves seeing people express themselves through creativity and makeup, but also never wants anyone to lose sight of their natural beauty. Her love for make up and people are what drove her to create Branch Beauty. Through her brand she hopes to encourage people to love who they are, but also not be afraid to express themselves through makeup.

Thank you for visiting Branch Beauty, a line of cruelty-free, gluten free, vegan products to enhance the natural beauty you already have.
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